Mar 282023

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The beautiful Elle Mira is a model from Belarus. She is very passionate about dancing! Her favorite type is pole dancing, which comes in very handy during her job! Before becoming a performer, Elle used to study psychology. She Likes to decrypt people’s personalities and their way of thinking! One thing’s For sure, you won’t be able to think straight after watching her Shows! — BELARUS, 35/26/36, BROWN-HAIRED, Euro

Oct 162019

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Eva is a cute Gal from Moscow, she’s 22. She started her career recently but we can promise her a long career if she’d choose to! Eva can adopt any style and Get pleasure any character she has to embody and she express a lot of sensualism. Apart from modeling, Eva loves classical literature and music, she spends a lot of time cooking for her friends and she devotes the rest of her time playing online Video clip games ! — RUSSIA, 35/24/35, Blond, Euro

Dec 192016

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