Oct 262016

We know how much you all love Porn stars from the United States, so we are going to keep them coming and this week we are happy to introduce you to Uma Jolie! If you looked up Hot amateur Cunts in the dictionary, we are Pretty sure Uma’s Picture would be there. Her Figure is everything that is right in the world. She’s got perfect Melons, a fantastic Anus Bum Juicy Loving hole amateur Pussy Pussy rubs hole rub penetrations Anus Juicy Vagina amateur Cunt rub penetrations penetration Wet Unprofessional Cunt rubs hole masturbating masturbates Butt Anus insertion and a toned tummy that hints at the hours she puts in at her local gym. Talking of gyms, fitness is Uma’s passion. She is a workout fanatic and hopes to get her personal trainer certification some day. We can only imagine the business she would bring in! Imagine getting to see this fine piece of Ass Wet Cunt amateur Cunt Cunt masturbates hole rub hole insertions Butthole Butt Juicy Pussy amateur Pussy masturbating rub insertion insertion Luscious Pussy Cunt rub Unprofessional Cunt rubs Luscious amateur Loving hole masturbate rub penetrations penetration putting your Body through the paces every week?! One of the things Uma Enjoys most about Porn is the workout an intense sex scene Performs her, so all in all, working in the adult entertainment industry has been a win, win for her. When she’s not on set or getting her sweat on, Uma says she is a typical 21-year-old. She loves to party with friends, go out to dinner, shop, shop some more and go to the beach to get her tan on. — UNITED STATES, 32/25.8/34, FAIR, Euro

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