Mar 212017

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Hailing from Zurich Switzerland we are proud to welcome Valeria! She is a 22 year Old dark haired Amateur Dominant gals chick that has only been an exotic dancer for a few months. But she has built up an incredible fanbase in that short amount of time and we know you are going to love her. Valeria got involved in the Nude arts while in College. To make extra money she posed Naked for budding art students so that they could learn to draw the human Body in all its glory. Valeria got a charge from being watched as she sat there Naked, so she decided to explore her exhibitionist side. She quickly got a job stripping at a club and enlisted the help of a tutor to teach her how to dance. Now Valeria stands before you a seasoned pro. She would still love to be a speech pathologist someday, but for now she is happy to be Giving on stage. In her spare time, Valeria Gets pleasure exploring new cities on her bicycle. She tells us that when you travel by automobile, much of life passes you by. But when you are on a bicycle, you get the opportunity to discover new cafes, quaint shops and cute houses that you would have missed speeding by in an auto. — SWITZERLAND, 34/24/34, BROWN-HAIRED, Euro