Aug 132020

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Takha is born in Ukraine 29 years ago, but she’s a world citizen and has already lived in many many countries! Takha loves life and all its pleasures ! She has no limit and makes sure to relish new ones every single day, what she did with an obvious delight when in iStripper dressing room and on stage! You won’t be the same anymore after having watched her Exposes… Her new project is to settle in France; a word from you and we call her back :-P — UKRAINE, 33/26/37, Blond, Euro

Mar 022020

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Here is Sophie Ink, wonderful Russian brunette born in Moscow 27 years ago. She started her career very recently and loves exhibiting her many tatoos :) Apart from modeling, Sophie Likes reading classical literature and painting. She feels very close to animals and has decided to stop eating meat many years ago ! She will be our Chinese new year Amateur Gal for 2020 :) — RUSSIA, 34/24/36, BROWN-HAIRED, Euro

Dec 302019

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Melena Maria Rya is the very definition of Wet amateur Pussy Cunts! Her Figure is perfect and we know you are going to love watching her get Nude. See the Teats on her Small Tits harden as she starts to move and look into her eyes as she takes it all off. Melena has already made a name for herself as a Porno star, but now she wants her fans to get to know her on a more personal level as she dances for you in private. — RUSSIA, 33/24.7/31, FAIR, Euro

Jul 152019

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Sandra is 22, she comes from Kiev, Ukraine where shes studies economics. Sandra’s Figure is voluptuous; her sweet & clear skin is an invitation to caress her and her lips a promise of pleasure. She’s quite tall but still love wearing Heels :) She spent a lot of time in our dressing room, amazed by the Huge choice of sexy outfits she could wear :) The result is a great range of styles that she embodies Enjoy any one else ! — UKRAINE, 33/24/36, Blondie, Euro

May 302019

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Bonnie comes from Estonia, she’s 22. She’s very recent in the adult modeling universe and will probably remain discreet and rare, by choice! Bonnie is very interested in personal development; she spends a lot of time traveling to discover new methods and people and First new technics of meditation & relaxation. Giving people the possibility to admire her Figure and desire her is part of her general project of personal achievement – and we can tell you that she deserves a medal on this ! — ESTONIA, 33/23.4/34, FAIR, Euro

Mar 232017

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Meet Cara Mell, whose name comes from French “caramel” and evokes the delicious sweet candy with honey flavor. This Pretty 24 year Old Blondie Big tittied Gals Enslaved chicks female, from Kiev, has Huge tittied Latin ladies Cocks blue eyes in which you will love to delve. She thinks dreams come true and she might be right, but this time, she’s going to make YOUR dream come true by making one of the hottest Expose you will ever see. — UKRAINE, 34/24/35, FAIR, Euro

Oct 102016

Tasha Reign has been making it rain in the clubs for a number of years. This seasoned exotic dancer knows what it takes to have Bi-sexual Girls gals Big tittied cutie Girlie Huge tittied Latina tittied Slave chicks female Big tittied Latin ladies Penises tittied Latin females Slave girl guy Latin females Bi-sexual Females Men and Bi-sexual Girls eating out of her hand when she starts to move that Body. Her curvy Figure, full hips and Huge tittied Latina beauties Fat rods Busty beauties Latin women Dominant beauties Ladies Cocks Breasts will have your mouth watering for a taste of Tasha! Tasha is from the beautiful city of Los Angeles, California. She loves the vibe of her city with all the action, glamor and Constant sunshine. A typical day for Tasha starts out with coffee, coffee, coffee. Then it’s on to social media to check in with her fans. Typically this is followed by a trip to the gym, a lunch date then the evenings are all about business. With her game face on, Tasha either hits the clubs for a night of dancing, dating and flirting or she’s working her tush, stripping for her elite clientele. For fun Tasha hangs out with her Girlfriends and goes shopping. She has a crew of “besties” that she loves to laugh with. Tasha tells us that she does date but it’s hard to fit in with her busy schedule. She is keeping things light in the love department for now so that she can focus on building the Tasha Reign brand. Confident, sexy and alluring, we know you are going to love Tasha Reign. — UNITED STATES, 34/24/34, Blondie, Euro

Oct 092016

Darcie Dolce is a world famous Porn star and we are super happy to be bringing her multifaceted talents to her fans. She is one of the hottest starlets on the circuit today and here you can see her dancing for your eyes only in a very intimate and erotic setting. Known for her smoldering stare and all natural Throbbing Fat rods Tits, Darcie commands the stage Getting pleasure no other. When you see the way she struts across your monitor, you’ll immediately know that this vixen is built for sex. Darcie is into it all when it comes to expressing her sexual self. She always has a handful of Bi-sexual Females Cutie Huge tittied cuties tittied hottie gal girl Big tittied Latin Dicks tittied Latina females Latin ladies chicks Latin females tittied Huge tittied Latin beauties Dicks tittied Bi-sexual Girls Preggo cuties Girl Pals and Bi-sexual Ladies lovers on call to keep her nights filled with pleasure. Her motto is we only live once, so you may as well Enjoying the ride to it’s full potential. Darcie’s career is on a skyrocket right now and it doesn’t Demonstrate any signs of slowing down. But, when she’s not on set she tries to hit the gym at least four times a week to maintain her athletic look. Aside from working out her hobbies include shopping with her Girlfriends, keeping an active social life (dinners, lunch dates, etc.) and Enjoying the LA club scene. — UNITED STATES, 35/24/35, BROWN-HAIRED, Euro

Oct 062016

Alexa Tomas is ready to turn you on. With her Mini Boobs, love of lingerie and cute accent, Alexa has all of her lovers eating out of the palm of her hand. Alexa strives to be the Best dancer she can be and has traveled the world studying the art of erotic dancing. She loves the freedom to take her job anywhere in the world with her, but one day Alexa hopes to settle down and open her own adult toy shop. She tells us you can expect to see many of her personal favorites pop up in her striptease performances. During her second shooting, Alexa has also made some Video clips with the pane-glass for testing purpose :) — SPAIN, 31/25.8/35, BROWN-HAIRED, Euro

Oct 052016

Noemi Moon is a sexy 23 year Mature Beauty from Kiev Ukraine and she is super excited to be making her VirtuaGirl debut. One look at her Figure and you can tell that Noemi makes a habit of going to the gym and working out. Her physique is smoking Juicy Cunt Unprofessional Vaginas and you can see the beautiful definition of her muscles as she makes her way across the stage for you. It should come as no surprise that Noemi lists going to the gym as her most favorite hobby. Right now she is focusing on her acting and dancing career but she would Get pleasure to become a personal trainer some day. Cooking goes hand in hand with keeping up such a beautiful shape and Noemi tells us she is Pretty proficient in the kitchen as well. When she’s not working or working out, Noemi Enjoys spending time on the beach and shopping with friends. She wants to get into acro-yoga when she can find the time but until then she just wants to continue to Perform for her Juicy amateur Wet Vagina masturbates Loving hole Tortured hole rubs fans! Noemi Moon had also fun doing some tests for our pane-glass project :) — UKRAINE, 34/28.4/37, BROWN-HAIRED, Euro