Oct 272016

Genevieve Gandi is making her Diva debut with us and we know you are going to love what she’s putting out there. This 23-year-old Blond Amateur Baby from Russia is a sexy bombshell that prides herself on being a total exhibitionist. Genevieve loves to be in the spotlight, always. Whether she is out with friends at a club or Giving on stage, she Gets pleasure all eyes to be on her. She is a true performer and she tells us that stripping is the perfect profession for her. Genevieve has always Enjoyed to be in the spotlight. She grew up Performing for anyone who would watch and Actually considered going to College for the Performing arts. But a dirty dancing competition got in the way of that. While away on Holiday, Genevieve joined the competition with a GF and won! As she left the stage, a club owner in the audience told her she should think about dancing professionally and a new career was born! Enjoy any 23-year-old Girlie Latin women Dominant Prego cuties girls tittied Big Dicks tittied Latina beauties chicks tittied Huge boobed Latina beauties boobed Big tittied ladies tittied Big tittied girlies Bi-sexual boobed Girlies, Genevieve lives very much in the now. She considers herself a bit of a party-girl and still Gets pleasure staying out until the sun comes up, hitting all the Juicy Loving hole masturbates Luscious amateur Cunt rub Unprofessional Vagina rubs holes clubs. She also Gets pleasure traveling with friends, dancing obviously, shopping and role playing in bed! — RUSSIA, 35/26/37, Blonde, Euro

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